We all come face to face with an array of challenges in both our day-to-day, and long-term lives. Learning how to cope with these challenges with assertion, creativity and resolve is how we determine who the best leaders are.

1. The Challenge

Locate and pinpoint your organization’s greatest potential, or areas in it that worry you; (e.g. increase efficiency, get more from a product etc.) Applying collective intelligence from all of those around you, you’ll be able to come up with unique solutions to meet these challenges.

2. On your mark... Get set...

Create challenges and share them with your people. Define the importance of these challenges that you face and quickly set up the basic parameters. Let the games begin!

3. GO!

Nextinit is not a suggestion box. It's a competition! Let your team compete with their best ideas to resolve the proposed challenges. This is where the investment game begins and someone can either win or lose it all! Users will fight for the top spot in the rankings and collect medals along the way for their talent.

4. And the winner is...

Throughout the competition, ideas will pass though natural gaming filters until it reaches the time for it to be put to the test! Activate the pilot project and make implementation teams. Share documents, define and update KPIs and measure the final results.

5. Ready for what’s next?

Congratulations, You did it! Your team’s got talent and, even though the competition was tough, the rewards were well worth it! Now it’s time to discover new ideas and ventures. What will your next challenge be?